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A bike tour in adriatic coastBike'n Beach on the Adriatic Coast  
Difficulty: 2  Abcycle rating icon for bike tours on Italy
Self-Guided tour – minimum 2 people
Guided tour – minimum 6 people
Dates 2017: weekly starts from Apr 22 to June 24 and from Aug 26 to Oct 7
Lenght: 6 nights, 5 rides avg 53km and 420mts of climb
Price: € 890
A true cycling vacation along one of the nicest stretches of the Adriatic Coast. From Abruzzo you ride South across the Molise and to the Gargano Promontory (National Park) in Puglia. Each easy and scenic ride ends in a new, charming seaside town. The fine hotels chosen for this tour are all located on the beach. So, after a relaxing ride, you can spend your time between the sandy beach and the safe waters of the Adriatic sea. Then, as aperitif time approaches, stroll through the alleys of an old marine village. A remarkable dinner in a restaurant of your choice will top a beautiful day. More

Bike tours AbruzzoGreen Hills of Abruzzo 
Difficulty: 2 Green hills bike tour difficulty rating
Self-Guided tour – minimum 2 people
Guided tour – minimum 6 people
Dates 2017: from Apr 22 to July 1 and from Aug 26 to Oct 7
Lenght: 7 nights, 5 rides avg 56km and 830mts of climb
Price: € 850
Between the imposing mountains and the Adriatic coast Abruzzo displays a green belt of gentle hills lined with olive trees and vineyards that link the mountains to the coast. Crossed by winding and quiet backroads this area is heaven for leisurely cycling. Here wines and ‘extra-vergine’ olive oil are widely produced mostly by small family run farms favoring the high quality over the quantity. The hills are often topped by charming villages whose daily life still moves on at the slow pace of the past. More

biketour of Abruzzo ParksAbruzzo’s Natural Parks
Difficulty: 2 Natural Parks biketour difficulty rating
Self-Guided tour – minimum 2 people
Guided tour – minimum 6 people
Dates 2017: from May 13 to July 8 and from Aug 19 to Sept 23
Lenght: 6 nights, 5 rides avg 51km and 730mts of climb
Price: € 850
This tour is designed to permit also to a novice cyclist to ride in the magnificient scenario of Abruzzo’s Natural Parks. Starting at the 1300mts of the enchanted setting of S.Stefano di Sessanio is surely a big advantage! You will travel on quiet backroads and through medieval villages scattered in the wilderness. First class accommodations and the flavours of Abruzzo’s best mountain cuisine make of this tour a unique and unforgettable experience. More

Giro d'Italia Biketour: BlockhausAbruzzo Giro's Special
Difficulty: 4abruzzo-biketour-rating
Guided Tour
Dates 2017: May 12 - 21
Lenght: 9 nights, 8 rides avg 88km and 1500mts of climb
Price: € 1350 (book before Jan 31, 2017) - € 1500 (after Jan 31)
In the Giro d'Italia 1967 a young Belgian, considered at the time just a promising sprinter, surprisingly won an epic mountain stage on top of the Blockhaus. His name was Eddy Merckx…
After 50 years and for the first time since Merckx exploit the Giro d’Italia features the same Blockhaus finish from Roccamorice, its most challenging side. This special edition of our Discover Abruzzo tour will include the event. More

Italy bike tours: Discover AbruzzoDiscover Abruzzo
Difficulty: 4 Difficulty rating for bike tours in Italy (Abruzzo)
Guided tour
Dates 2017: May 25 - June 2 and Sept 29 - Oct 7
Custom dates x groups of at least 5 people

Lenght: 8 nights, 7 rides avg 90km and 1400mts of climb
Price: € 1250 (book before Jan 31, 2017) - € 1400 (after Jan 31)
Just one hour East of Roma, Abruzzo offers some of the most exciting riding you can find anywhere in Italy: four National Parks, memorable climbs and descents, a green belt of sweet hills dotted by olive trees, a network of enchanting backroads devoid of traffic, renaissance villages lost in the wilderness. The Appennini, the mountain backbone of the Peninsula, here display their highest peaks and a couple of paved roads at over 2000mts. Family size farming guarantees fresh and organic ingredients to the sumptuous cuisine. You will love the warm hospitality and the generous taste of the red Montepulciano d'AbruzzoMore