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Discover Abruzzo

Day by Day

1 Arrival at Roma Airport - Van transfer (optional) to Loreto Aprutino
(journey time: 3 hrs)
Loreto Aprutino 
2 1st ride: Loreto Aprutino loop 81k - 1500mts tot climb
Vestina Hills: Montebello, Farindola, Penne
Loreto Aprutino 
3 2nd ride: Loreto Aprutino-Sulmona 99k - 1800mts
National Park of Maiella mtns: Caramanico Terme, S.Eufemia,
Passo S.Leonardo (1280mts), Pacentro
4 3rd ride: Sulmona-Alfedena 74k - 1400mts
National Park of Abruzzo: Anversa, Sagittario gorges, Scanno,
Passo Godi (1600mts), Barrea
Return by van (52k/45 min)
5 4th ride: Sulmona-L'Aquila 71k - 600mts
S.Venanzio Gorges, Aterno River Valley: Fontecchio, Fossa
6 5th ride: L'Aquila-Campotosto loop 102k - 1200mts
Passo Capannelle, Lake Campotosto (1400mts), Montereale
7 6th ride: L'Aquila-Gran Sasso loop 95k - 1800mts
National Park of Gran Sasso: Assergi, Monte Cristo (1800mts),
S.Stefano di Sessanio
Option: Gran Sasso (2150 mt) add 20k and 400 mts of climb
8 7th ride: L'Aquila-Sirente loop 104k - 1500mts
Park of Sirente-Velino: Secinaro, Valico Forcella (1400mts), Altopiano delle Rocche
9  Van transfer (optional) to Roma Airport  (2 hrs)
Total Distance = 626 km, daily average = 90 km
Total Climb = 9800 mts, daily average = 1400 mts


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