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Eastern Sicilia, a Land of Wonders

Day by Day

1 Arrival in Catania - van transfer to Palazzolo Acreide (1 hr) Palazzolo Acreide
2 1st stage: Palazzolo (loop) 85km - 1300mts tot climb Palazzolo Acreide
3 2nd stage: Palazzolo (loop) 100km - 1500mts Palazzolo Acreide
4 3rd stage: Palazzolo - Piazza Armerina 86km - 1400mts Piazza Armerina
5 4th stage: Piazza Armerina - Petralia 88km - 1800mts Petralia
6 5th stage: Petralia (loop)
long: 125km - 2500mts
short: 62km - 400mts
7 6th stage: Petralia - Randazzo 121km - 1700mts Randazzo
8 7th stage: Randazzo - Taormina 62km - 1300mts Giarre
9  8th stage: Giarre - Etna
long: 94km - 2900mts
short: 78km - 1800mts
10  Van Transfer to Catania Airport (45 minutes)
SHORT = 682km, 85km/day - tot climb 11200mts, 1400mts/day
LONG = 761km,  
95 km/day - tot climb 14400mts, 1800mts/day


Bike Tour: Eastern Sicilia, land of wonders