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About us

Founded by a local group of cycling enthusiasts in 1999 Abcycle has organized cycletours of Italy since then. We live in Abruzzo, one of the greenest and more bike-friendly region in Europe, so we started by organizing tours in our area. The response was so positive that, year after year, we added new tours in various part of Italy.
In 2018 we merged with Bellandare Travel, a local Tour Operator on-line, with whom we share the same philosophy of a sustainable tourism respectful of the natural environment.

Our biketours address a wide range of cycling abilities. From sightseeing to training you can ride at your preferred speed. We have tours at fixed dates and tours that start weekly.

Fully van supported and with cycling guide(s). Support van with your luggage is within reach all day and it can be boarded at any time if you wish to take part or whole day off. Each rider is provided daily with a detailed map (GPS tracks are also available).

A van with an English speaking driver transports you and your bike from and to the Airport and moves your luggage from inn to inn. You are provided with daily maps with detailed itinerary (GPS tracks are also available) and assistance on call.

We can organize custom tours from budget to luxury for different abilities. MAIL US asking for a Biketour designed according to your group preferences in terms of dates, accommodations, mileage, sideshows.

Double rooms w/bath in selected Agriturismi and 3-4 star hotels. Singles available on request.
We put great care in choosing the right places to stay. Expect to find warm Italian hospitality and care for your comfort.

Despite the miles and climbs you will have an hard time losing weight. Our bike trips are also an excellent excuse for a dive in the local cuisine and wine scenes. Our selected Agriturismi are also producers of fine natural food: organic wheat, meats and cheeses, vegetables, wine, olive oil. The freshness of the ingredients and an unmatched cooking ability combine to offer you every day the real taste of the traditional, homemade, regional Italian cuisine.

While cycling is the core of our tours we like to offer our guests a full immersion in Italy's everyday life. In all our tours we include wine-tastings, visits to art landmarks, ancient villages, fine artisans and bike shops. When possible we like an after ride swim in the ocean believing that this is the best treatment for sore muscles.

Take a minute to read some of our clients' kind remarks. A list of our customers willing to fill you in is available on request.

Italy bike tours by ABcycle