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On one of the best bike trip I've ever taken...Bicycling Magazine
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The perfect roads and uplifting scenery of the Apennines are
enough to keep anyone feeling youthful.
Zig-zagging up the slopes of the 2,142m Blockhaus mountain...
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and we got the exceptional Italian bike tour we wanted...(to read review go to www.heartcycle.org ->newsletter->Aug2001)

        I wanted to thank you for the tour, the cycling was great, scenery spectacular, and the  food/accomodations were excellent… Geoff (pennsylvania)
   thank you so much again for another wonderful cycling experience in Italy.I enjoyed every minute of it!……Suzanne 2    
the trip gets better and more exciting every time I tell it to friends here…Claudia (penn)     the tour was a great experience for me and for everyone else I'm sure. We all had a great time and all think that you did a wonderful job. The places we stayed were great as was the food. It was one of the best holidays that I have been on...Damian (ireland)
  hard to believe it's already two weeks since our last ride of the "Giro d'Abruzzo". I still feel sad that it's all over. It was an unforgettable vacation and I would like to thank you for a wonderful time in Italy...Suzanne (zurich) 1   
the memories of the trip make me smile all the time. The weather was the best, the company fantastic... and the food.... always mouth watering...Rita (ny)      
    thanks for everything...it was a joy to spend my vacation with you...Mark (ny)1    
        the entire experience surpassed my expectations in every respect--the scenery was beautiful, the food was wonderful (and plentiful) and the people were a lot of fun. You both did a great job of taking care of us. This was certainly the best vacation I've spent in awhile... Jack (ny)
it is you that deserve the thanks. Again, you showed us a wonderful time...Mark2     
        my friends want to know every detail! I told them it was great! I miss you all and wish we were still in Italy... Jim (ny) 
  we both had a wonderful time and were sad to say our good-bye's! ...Alison (ny)    
        thank you both once again for a wonderful week -definitely the most memorable of my cycling career... Patrick (capetown) 
thanks again for a wonderful trip!... Kerry&Carl (wisconsin)       
    thanks for the great trip. I really enjoyed myself...I look forward to another trip with you in the future... David (phoenix)  
thank you again for the wonderful tour. It will live in my soul as a wonderful experience... Diane (colorado)        
      thanks again for a great time... Gay&Ray (ny)   
many, many thanks for leading such a fantastic tour. It far exceeded my expectations. Your planning and selection of routes to ride, places to stay and foods to eat were a wonderful surprise and a great life experience... John (ny)       
        I want to thank you for providing such an enjoyable tour. I can’t imagine being any better... Sherman&Matthew (michigan)
  thanks again for a great tour.It was a wonderful introduction to Italy for me one that convinced me I’ll be back, probably many times... Jim (colorado)      
It was wonderful and exceeded my already very high expectations... Charlotte (colorado)         
    the views are spectacular. Mountain vistas & unobstructed views for miles around. The accommodations are very comfortable. The food is the best. Fresh & tasty. I'm a picky eater but I did not have a problem eating EVERYTHING that was placed in front of me. I would not hesitate to take another tour with abcycle. Scott (long island)
it is pleasant to sit and remember our cycling in Italy, and of course the wine, food etc. Dag (norway)     thank you for such a fun time last summer. Yours was the greatest trip. William (california)
    I wanted to let you know what a great time I had. You both were great hosts and I enjoyed the whole experience... douglas (long island)  

Thank you for a most memorable and wonderful trip! I suspect you will see us again. Kate & Alan, (denver)


Thanks again for a great ride-everything was more than I expected, including the climbs!!!
I am cooking Italian tonight and doing some of the new sauces that I learned about on the trip. Alan (oregon)









Dear Angelo and Anna -marie
Had  really great time with you and all the team at Abruzzo.....am at last at home in the land of oz with great memory of a terrific experience....thanks for all your good efforts it was just great Ralph (melbourne)



our trip to Italy was so wonderful... you created so many good memories for us. Karen & Bill (oregon)







Dear Angelo and Anna -marie
Had  really great time with you and all the team at Abruzzo.....am at last at home in the land of oz with great memory of a terrific experience....thanks for all your good efforts it was just great Ralph (melbourne)

  It was a magnificent bike trip. I think you really went out of your way to give us a fantastic tour of Sicily. I've been back here 3 weeks but i still think about all the great places we biked everyday and all the very nice places you took us to dinner. Italy should give you an award for best tour of the country. ThanKs a million...Bob (baltimore)  

Many, many thanks again to you and Annamaria for another fabulous tour of Abruzzo! It is your wonderful companionship, generosity and knowledge of the region that makes this so special for us.  It was especially nice to return this year and feel we've renewed personal contact with good friends. Kristin (ontario)






Thank you for a delightful trip. Wonderful cycling but your charm really made the trip for me. Alan (colorado)




The Abruzzo tour that you led for us was by far the most memorable and enjoyable cycling experience for me... John (ny)



      I have been in touch with several folks from the trip and everyone says it was their best bike tour ever. Many thanks for a great job. Aloha... Mitch (Hawaii) 
  thanks for a wonderful tour. I will remember it for the rest of my life...Lisa (ny)    





Many many thanks for the most wonderful trip and most particularly for your support and help. You were both terrific...Peter (london)





We had the most fantastic time and Kim and I would like to thank you both for the professional tour you put together - we had a ball... Kim&Debbie (capetown)


I am finally back home. I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for a wonderful trip. We all loved it! ...Joanne (capetown) 





thank you for a fantastic trip everything was fantastic and at least you know that the next all girlie trip can only get easier...Karen (capetown)







Scenery was incredible, food delicious and, although hot, the cycling was great... Lesley (capetown)


we want you to know how much we appreciated our trip. We enjoyed the rides you selected and the scenery they exposed us to. You did a great job!... Pam&John (wyoming) 





thank you for guiding us through the less traveled byways and wonderful biking terrain of  Abruzzo. ARRIVEDERCI!... Kate&Alan (colorado)


What a trip!!  I am not the only one to express that the best part of it was cycling in beautiful Abruzzo; it was a TOP of the list adventure.  Thanks again...Cathy (portland)

I am sending along, in another email, some picture that you may want to see. Thanks again for such a wonderful Italian bicycle adventure... very fondly.   Nancy (portland) 





thanks for another lovely trip... Alison (nyc)








 Thanks again for a great trip.  It was challenging but worth the effort and the food and hotels were great... Charlie (connecticut)


I had a terrific time riding with you...As beautiful as riding in the Dolomiti is, there was more variety riding the less-traveled roads of Abruzzo.  Not that it wasn’t hard (it was), but it wasn’t just going from one pass to the next.  Besides the food is much better in Abruzzo, my mouth still waters thinking about the lunch in  Amatrice...Michael (south carolina)





Kate and I had a wonderful time and greatly appreciated your hospitality and great biking!...Reginald (colorado)




    They're good photos but they hardly convey what a spectacular trip it was and what a wonderful time we had!!!.... Carolyn (london)



our Sardinia Tour was very successful in every respect! Great experience, great memories and great photos to remember... sam (melbourne)





Thanks once again for a fantastic holiday! It just gets better and better each time. It could not have been planned and organized more perfectly and I am already looking forward to the next trip - whenever that will be. ..Arno (melbourne)


 Had the time of my life spending the 10 days with you guys...Rick (dc)





I highly recommend using abcycle.  They did everything I would have expected and more... Luigi (pittsburg)



 The ride and the tour were wonderful. You have a great company. I am happy that after 5 weeks I didnt regain the pounds I lost on Italian hills... Tom (nj) 




  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed doing the two trips with you-the food, wine, incredible cycling, and your graciousness...alan (colorado)  




 We already miss the beautiful Italian countryside and the simplicity of riding, eating and sleeping. Thanks for a great trip... rebecca (arizona)




 I wanted to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for the kindness you extended to my daughter and her friends.  Megan had an absolutely wonderful experience cycling through the country her father was born in.  In our brief telephone conversations we had while she was away, she spoke with love and admiration for all of you.  I truly believe that you made their trip spectacular and I am so grateful that she had the privilege of sharing it with all of you. Thank you so very much for taking such wonderful care of my daughter... diane (connecticut)






  What a great trip!!!!  I am currently going through acute Sicilian withdrawal. Thanks to you all and Bruno, our cycling excursion exceeded all of my expectations. I appreciate all of your hard work and planning when it came to our cycling routes, evening accommodations, visits to historical sites and meals. ..bill (connecticut)




 I just wanted to thank you for the amazing trip! I had so much fun and enjoyed every second of it. I will never forget my first time in Sicily and my first bike tour. You made my experience abroad unbelievable. It was so hard to leave you all. Can you believe that I have already begun to think about the different ways to get back on the trip next year. The past two week went by way to fast. I wish we had all summer! Thanks for all the laughs and memories... monica (ny)








I am back home and back to work. I would like to again thank you for taking the time to guiding me around the Abruzzo area.  It was a wonderful lifetime experience. The places I stayed were top notch, and the rides were challenging but not overwhelming... Tom (california)





Thank you very much. These pictures are terrific. What a wonderful time I had with you, cycling the many towns and villages we visited. Everyone, all my friends and family, wanted to hear all my stories about the memorable meals and the beautiful places we went to...dave (ny)  





I had a great time in Sicilia! I'm still dreaming of cycling and riding in the van to a restaurant. It was over too soon...victor (california)

  Hey you guys those photos were just great and so was every moment of the trip. I could do one every year. ...henry (melbourne)





  Just a short note to say grazie mille for yet another memorable tour full of memories and good times... harry (melbourne)  




Hey - I'm still wondering if that whole Sicily trip was real.  Seems too good to be true. We had a really great time in large part due to yourself and Annamaria. Thanks... Rob (nyc) 


  Sardegna was another great tour!!!!!! What a beautiful island.  Thank you for all of your hard work...Bill (connecticut)  





 The only bad part of the tour was when it ended! It was truly a magical and amazing experience for me and I cannot thank either of you enough for all of your hard work and also for making me feel so welcome.  The routes were magnificent, the food was amazing and abundant... Tom (nyc)

  I wanted to thank you for the outstanding and thoughtful tour you and Anna Maria orchestrated...I had a great time, but ate too much!! The food was fantastic! Your hospitality comes with great pride! The effort you put forth is exemplary! I loved Sicily and know I will love the rest of the country...Mike (colorado) 




  Thank you for a fabulous tour! Cycling and culinary adventures - we loved it! Tina (colorado)  





 I miss biking already and I've been telling friends and family about how much fun I had on my trip this summer. It certainly was a wonderful experience and one that I will never forget....Anyway I miss you both and am so thankful I had the opportunity to bike through Italia. You two made it so much fun and it wouldn't have been so great if it weren't for you both. Please keep in touch...Julie (connecticut)






Hi Angelo and Annamaria. Thank you both so much for an absolutely spectacular and memorable vacation. The riding was beautiful and challenging, the food delicious and maybe just a it too plentiful ;-), but mostly I'm astounded by the gorgeous accommodations and stunning views given the inexpensive price of the tour. My heart and head are still in Sardegna with you, it's only my body that's back in NY.
Betsy (nyc) 

Thanks for the great pics. What a great time I had. I can’t wait until the next time I cycle again w/ the both of you. We stayed at such nice hotels. The food was marvelous. The cycling the best I’ve ever done. David (nyc)





 I had a fabulous time. The cycling was scenic and challenging. We rode the beautiful Sicilian countryside, through picturesque, historic hillside towns to places and on roads I never would have found on my own. Many of the places we went were distant from typical tourist destinations with few tourists in evidence.
Annamaria drove the van and made sure we had drinks, food and lunch. She kept track of us during our time on the road. Our frequent sighting of her and the van during our rides assured us that we were carefully watched over. Angelo rode with us while Annamaria drove the van. Angelo knew the area well, provided us with maps as well good companionship. I felt completely natural riding with him. It was as if we had known each other for years.
The roads were in good condition and I never felt threatened or intimidated by the Sicilian motor vehicle traffic as I sometimes do in the USA.
The accommodations and food were outstanding! We stayed on working farms and vineyards in comfortable rooms with pretty tile work, comfortable beds and good baths. Much of the food was prepared from the fresh produce on the farm. In at least one instance, Mom, Dad and daughters made all the food for the cyclists and other guests.
It was a positively delightful cycling vacation!
Victor (San Francisco)




 Thank you SOOOOOO much for making my vacation so nice!!!! Lynn (long island)

     I am missing your fantastic rides already. Thank you for everything (Ann – Toronto)





    Thank you very much for a wonderful visit to Italy and a beautiful tour of Abruzzo.  Your planning and organization of our "adventure" was top notch.  Staying three nights each at Francavilla, Sulmona, and L'Aquila were perfect for riding to the surrounding areas and experiencing the nightlife of each city. Every day was special, and each ride has given me wonderful memories I will cherish forever. (Jim – nj)   It’s been one week since I returned from Italy and I wanted to let you know what a great time I had touring Abruzzo, once again. I can’t say it was my favorite trip, because I equally loved Bologna to Tropea five years ago, and Le Marche two years ago. They were all great. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the green pasta con tartuffi, or the lunch in Amatrice, either. (Dave – nyc) 
Dear Angelo, Tamara, and Andrea,
thank you all for making our May trip to your country a very memorable vacation!  We thoroughly enjoyed the biking, the food, the scenery, the wine, the hotels, the gelato, and getting to meet all of you. We look forward to returning again one day and would love to explore more of Abruzzo, particularly those mountains we passed through on our way from Rome to the coast. It truly seems like an ideal place for fun and adventure from the mountains to the sea.  Christine & Jeff (Ky)
    Dear angelo and annamarie,
Compared to our first hotel in S.... all of yours in Italy deserve ten stars or more! And well the food deserves 100 stars! Can't thank you both enough for our wonderful stay and were very touched by your lovely touches of welcome wine and opera in the car!
Hoping you get lots of great clients this summer, but they are not pains like us!
Till later, all best wishes and love, Diana & Alan (Aus)
    Thanks for the great trip. You and Annamaria do a fabulous job of picking out hotels and restaurants. The routes you pick out are amazing. Even when i'm cross-eyed going up so many of the steep climbs the views are stunning. I just need to get a larger cassette and maybe move to Colorado for a month to build up some lung power. But Marche is great and i may have to go back there again someday. Want to see more hills and do more floating in the Adriatic. Ciao Bob (DC)     
Two years ago my wife and I did ABCycle's tour of Sardegna in July. I cannot recommend them highly enough; I think it's fair to say that trip was the highlight of our cycling lives! Fantastic riding, fantastic food, fantastic accomodations...and Angelo & Anna Marie, the folks who run ABCycle, are some of the warmest, most genuine people I've ever met. I'd go again in a heartbeat. bob (nyc)     

 Dear Angelo and Anna Maria,
it has been hard to get back to normal life after our wonderful week in the Marche with you.
We have had so much positive feedback from everyone. Everyone has been so enthusiastic and there is lots of emailing about buying road bikes, particularly from all those on touring bikes.
The cycling itself was a great success, a great choice of routes and enough to challenge most people so that they felt pleased with themselves. I think many people were surprised at the distances they had managed to cover and the hills they had managed to climb. This was so much thanks to you and especially Gianluca who was bringing up the back of the peloton. Many people commented on how kind you all were and how well supported they felt, from kind words to good bikes and well timed sandwiches.
You did a great job and I would like to think we would tour with you again sometime, somewhere. Many thanks to your whole team, yourselves, Gianluca, Luca and Gianni... Rachel  (UK)


October 2019 - Blockhaus trip
Thank you so much for your fantastic support of our cyclist trip to Abruzzo - we will be back to ride with you in other areas!
The bike hire was perfect, the airport collections seamless, the routes ideal, the coffee stops great and the lunches were amazing. I appreciated all the hard work you completed during the day in re-arranging stops and creating impromptu bookings based on the time on the roads!
I highly recommend Angelo and the ABCycle team.
(Rick, UK)





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