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Cilento region Bike Tour on the Map of Italy

Italy Bike Tour: Cilento & Amalfi Coast

Difficulty: 3 (Short Route)  Bike Tour difficulty rating
Difficulty: 4 (Long Route)  Difficulty rating for Italy bike tours
The glamorous Costiera is just the cherry on the cake. First taste the quiet roads and beaches of Basilicata and Parco del Cilento. Breathtaking coastal routes and the impending mountains just inland. All of our inns are on the beach - or very close - but don't be mislead: this is a pretty mountainous bike trip. The cuisine is rightly renowned. The ingredients are strictly local: handmade pastas, mouthwatering mozzarelle di bufala, precious olive oil, lush vegetables, fresh fish, delicious meats and, as sweet final, the finest pastry with a sip of homemade Limoncello. The Aglianico del Vulture towers above the many wines locally produced.


Italy bike tours: Cilento & Amalfi CoastOur bike trip starts in the magnificent scenario of Paestum Temples. Van service is available on request to transport you and your bike from Napoli Airport (1 hr journey time).  After your arrival we visit Ciclidea, the best bike shop in the area  where it's also possible to rent a good bike for the trip.  Waiting for the welcome dinner - our host is a  producer of many delicacies including a superb buffalo mozzarella - choose between a walk in the Temples (striking at sunset time) or relax at our Agriturismo pool.

Bike Tour Cilento & Amalfi Coast: Cilento National Park We start  Day 2 climbing the switchbacks up to Capaccio. On top we are greeted by an open highland. The road - cut  between the rock and the abyss - shows us our first views of the wild landscapes of the Parco Nazionale del Cilento. In Monteforte we stop for a cappuccino break. After a winding descent in the oak forest and another climb we get to Cicerale. Here we stop for a picnic lunch under the shade of a chestnut forest. A long descent will take us back to Paestum. 

Bike Tour Cilento & Amalfi Coast: PalinuroOn Day 3 we ride South on the gently rolling coastal route. We ride along the beaches of Agropoli, Castellabate and Casal Velino and under the shade of century-old olive trees. Cappuccino break is in Pioppi just before the going gets tougher. The old national road turns inland to Ascea and Pisciotta. Two beautiful villages but built when Saracen pirates were a big problem. So both stands on top of nasty climbs. A fish lunch in a restaurant hanging over the mighty sea will be a welcome reward for your effort. A long, seaward descent till our hotel, right on the beach of Palinuro.

Bike Tour Cilento & Amalfi Coast: Mingardo RiverOn Day 4 we are busy again with  the hills of the Parco Nazionale del Cilento. A first tough climb followed by a long descent to get started then the long but regular ascent to Rocccagloriosa (430 mts) and a cappuccino break. Sneaking through the greenery, the road is very quiet but you will have an hard time finding a flat stretch. After crossing the Mingardo river, we tackle the longest climb to Montano Antilia (760 mts), highest pass of the day. After a well deserved lunch we ride on a highland till Cuccaro Vetere where the long and winding descent home begins. Back in Palinuro you will sure appreciate a refreshing swim in the ocean.

On Day 5 we resume our southward ride along the breathtaking Cilento coast. Flat terrain until the charming Marina di
Bike Tour on Cilento coastCamerota here we start a 10k climb that takes us  to S.Giovanni in Piro (600 mts). The views from every hairpin bend offer a welcome distraction from the pain of climbing. A long descent takes us down to the Gulf of Policastro. After a few flat miles we pass Sapri entering  the region of Basilicata. The coast gets rugged again and we keep roller coasting above the mighty sea. The short climb to enchanting Maratea (320 mts) can be a suitable conclusion for your ride but well visible, towering above the entire gulf is the amazing statue of the Redentore (630 mts). If you feel like doing some extra climbing you'll be rewarded with a unique view. Our fine Hotel in Marina di Maratea has private beach and pool.

The next, tough stage is entirely set in the region of Basilicata. A first climb gets us to Trecchina (600 mts), charming Bike Tour Cilento & Amalfi Coast: Sirinovillage surrounded by chestnut woods. After the  winding descent down to the Noce river we climb again to Lauria (500 mts) where we stop for refreshment. Here a detour takes the more fit towards Monte Sirino, toughest climb of the tour and set of memorable Giro's stages. It's a 15k climb with long sections at over 10% gradient to get to the 1530 mt of Lago Laudemio. Then fasten your seat belts for the winding downhill to Lagonegro (670 mts). The two itineraries meet again at Lago Sirino where weregroup for lunch.After one or two espressowe ride a mostly descendingandvery pleasant way home.

Bike Tour Cilento & Amalfi Coast: Abcycle biking group on CilentoDay 7 is rest day. In little more than one hour we will drive back to the same lovely agriturismo in Paestum. But first we have plenty of time for a swim in the ocean and to go shopping in the traditional bodegas of Maratea.
Italy bike tours: Cilento & Amalfo coast (Monti Alburni)On Day 8 we ride in the foothills of the Monti Alburni. The stage is long but the climbs are pretty easy and always leading up to charming villages. We stop at Castelcivita (380 mts) for cappuccino and at Corleto (620 mts) for lunch. The long descent back home is interrupted only by the climb to Roccadaspide. Back in the agriturismo you will find the women already busy preparing you another unforgettable dinner.

Bike Tour Cilento & Amalfi Coast: AmalfiTime to move up north to the Costiera Amalfitana. We follow the absolutely flat coastal route into the city of Salerno. We cross town riding on the Lungomare and soon get to Vietri sul Mare where we get our first view of the fabulous Costiera. Here nature, over the ages, and human, during the centuries, have Bike Tour Cilento & Amalfi Coast: Ravellocreated a miracle of beauty.  We leisurely ride the breathtaking coastal route to Maiori where we turn inland starting the tough climb to Valico Chiunzi (12k climb to 660mt). After the summit we stop in the village of Tramonti. It's about time for aperitif  so we visit a cantina for wine tasting and sit down for a fine lunch. For a quick digestion we enter the small laboratory of one of the finest limoncello producers. Now we are set for a spectacular seaward descent. Almost at the bottom we stop for a stroll in splendid Ravello. Our 4 stars Hotel is in Amalfi right above the Costiera.

Bike Tour Cilento & Amalfi Coast: PositanoOur final day is entirely set in the Costiera Amalfitana. A very early start it's needed to fully enjoy, devoid of traffic, the dire road hanging between mountain and sea. Taking our time for pics we cruise down to the glamorous downtown of Positano. To top a unique, unforgettable ride we gather our residual strength to face the hairpin bends of the Agerola (700 mts). The 12km climb, lined with lemon trees and grape terraces,  rewards you with incomparable views. Our tour ends right in front of the landmark that recalls the memorable climbs of Italy's Bike Tour Cilento & Amalfi Coast: Agerolamost loved champ: Fausto Coppi, il Campionissimo. Looking down you may see, on the blue sea background, the many ribbons of road that you have just climbed. Time to celebrate with toasts and a good pasta specialty. After lunch more thrills and unforgettable views on the long descent to Amalfi. After the farewell dinner we go for a stroll in town and a last bite of local pastry. 

If you like to stay a few more days it's easy to arrange tours to Sorrento, Pompei, Ercolano, Napoli, Vesuvio, Capri, etc. Otherwise our van service can take you to Napoli Airport
on Day 11 (optional).