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The Green and Blue of Sardegna

Day by Day

1 Arrival Cagliari Airport - transfer to Muravera (1hr)   Muravera
2 1st stage: Muravera loop
short route 63k - 600mts tot climb
long route 118k - 1400mts tot climb
3 2nd stage: Muravera-Torre di Barì 92k - 600mts tot climb
Torre di Barì
4 3rd stage: Torre di Barì loop
short route 72k - 1000mts tot climb
long route 122k - 2000mts tot climb
Torre di Barì
5 4th stage: Torre di Barì-Cala Gonone 82k - 1200mts tot climb
Cala Gonone
6 rest day in Cala Gonone Cala Gonone
7 5th stage: Cala Gonone-Aritzo 112k - 2400mts tot climb
8 6th stage: Aritzo loop 63k - 1200mts tot climb
9 7th stage: Aritzo-Torre dei Corsari 100k - 800mts tot climb
Torre dei Corsari
10 8th stage: Torre dei Corsari-Fontanamare 88k - 1600mts tot climb
transfer to Cagliari after the ride (1hr)
11 Transfer to Cagliari Airport (20 min)
SHORT: tot distance 672km,  84km/day - tot climb 9400mts, 1175mts/day
LONG: tot distance 777km, 97km/day - tot climb 11200 mts, 1400mts/day

Sardegna Bike Tour